God of small things…

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I used to walk along a narrow road nearby my home to one of my property half a km away. If I walk alone I normally preoccupied with my destination. The other day I walk with my one-half year old girl through the same to the same destination. But for her it is totally a different walk, she stops when see a butterfly, sometimes she stop walking, turn around, sometimes she drifts off to the sidelines to touch the leaves of wild plants. She stop to stoop down to take a round stone on her way…she makes thrilling sounds sometimes….she is amused by her own shadows..listen the passer-byes sometimes fearfully .

In all , she listen , hear , touch, stop turning around, drift off, sit ..she does a lot of verbs all her way to the destination. I too do same verbs with her to enjoy her…

J ..yes I am doing a lot of verbs which I usually ignore when I walk alone…..yes i am a learning a wonderful attitude from my child J

How many verbs I miss doing every day. It is from my one-year-old child I learn that ‘God is not a god of large things’….he is also a “God of small things”

if I can find my balance in between the god of Small and large things ..Only then I can recapture that “missing verbs” in my life.

A man haunted by a hurting memory wanna die… he went to a lonely place and find a tree to hang himself to death , he passed by squirrels that running randomly around the tree…some birds stop singing and fly away when he start mounting upon the tree. He missed that last chance of goldy-signs of finding peace. He ignored these “god of small things”


Faith Seeking Understanding —

Sermon : Part-1 VALLEY OF BACCA


Faith Seeking Understanding —

One of the famous prayers comes from my favourite theologian, St. Ansam. It goes like this: “Lord i don’t seek for understanding in order to have faith; but i seek for faith in order to have understanding.”

This is the basic point of harmony between faith and reason in Christian life. People often say: if u proves me if there is a god, then i will believe. But that is not going to happen. But if you are willing to believe, and if you are going to take the first step, god is going to reveal himself to you. You are going to discover the mysteries in a very reasonable fashion.

paul says: jews seek for science , Greeks seek for wisdom,  but we preach Christ crucified, because  ‘Cross’ is the ultimate manifestation of the wisdom of god and cross is where god made the wisdom of the world foolish because Paul says, “ world by its wisdom did not know god, so god was well-pleased to save those who  believe through the foolishness of the message we preach, which means the foolishness of the cross and in the cross god made the wisdom of the world foolish and he introduces us a new wisdom which can be understood only thorough faith.

One Friday we have a family meeting in our church. We are having a great time sharing our experiences. Then one mother said this memorable incident of her child: Once they bought a CD on Easter production. There is lot of music and some sermons of cross of Christ in that CD and our 6-yrs -old  Maddy was watching this CD. Naturally we thought children love music so it is why they love going through the music stuff in the CD. But when she heard the sermon of cross in it…she rewound it again and again and again. That child wanted to hear not the music but the part which says about Cross  of Christ. I was amazed, thinking it is no wonder that Jesus said, “not to be like Elbert Einstein, but be like one of little children.

Am i believing in a Dead God !?

Faith Seeking Understanding —


There are people think that if u are a rational person or intelligent man, you don’t go to church or you don’t believe in god. It is like a cultural stigma. It was the kind of culture i was raised. When i go to high school it was such a shame to say that i believe in god and at the same time it is very cool to say am an atheist and i don’t believe in god.

But the fact is that if you are a true scientist who believes in science, then you know many of the assumption made by the science based on faith. So you need to have more faith to believe in science than you have to believe in religion.

There was an article published in Toronto star on Sunday, sep. 11th 2005 with the title : “ right or wrong it is science” which goes like this : a new study says more than half of all other scientific studies are unreliable, most scientific researches published is wrong.  So it becomes statistically improbable that even half of the published researches will stand up for further scrutiny.

Surprisingly the paper wasn’t written by any outside critic like a journalist, historian, philosopher, it comes from john, Ontologist, epistemologist, at the University of Ioannina school of medicine in Greece. It is a scientific paper which scenically proves that all other scientific papers are at least fifty percentages of them are wrong.

Does Science has anything to do with faith?

Faith Seeking Understanding —


If somebody say, i don’t believe in Religion  because it is all about faith?..then  what about science?

let us think of a scientific equation. I can’t think of an equation in physics without time and gravitational force. So what is time? We count time based on “ the sun rises in the east , the sun sets in the west” and it is a day. So what if sun decides to rise in the west for a change. Has sun given a written agreement that it will only rise in the east. What if the earth takes round in the reverse direction? Hasn’t any body given a promise that it won’t happen. What if earth takes a positional shift? We know that then the gravitation force would change. Didn’t anybody guarantee you that it won’t take a shift like that? So you assume certain things and you take something for granted. That is how all scientific formulas and equations are based upon faith.

Consider the discovery of quasi- crystals by Israeli scientist Daniel Shechtman for which he got Nobel Prize. When he come with this crystals, he had to fight a fierce battle ” to get his discovery taken seriously because it was against the established science concerning crystal atomic structure. Even a well know scientist tease him by saying that there is no quasi-crystals, only quasi-scientist. At last Daniel Shechtman proved right.


Is this true : “Unintelligible faith cannot create passion”

Faith Seeking Understanding —

Have you heard the song: Jesus loves me this i know, for the bible tells me so. Such a cute song is this that in our family prayer my children often want to sing this song. Well,  Our kids are going to school with kids from different culture and different religion. so if my kids would be asking that just because bible says why should i believe in bible because my friend believe in Quran and  reads Quran, another friend reads Bhagavath Gita, so you have to tell them why should you believe in the bible.

So here the intelligibility of the faith is being questioned and we have to be confronted with questions and should tell them the reasons why bible is being unique among other religious books and why bible is being the word of god. So you have to reason your faith at some point to make sense to you. Otherwise it is not going to stay with you. It is going to create a shallow faith and time will take it away from you. That is what happens to the religious quest in the west. People brought up with very secluded kind of atmosphere because Christianity was everywhere in the air. So we went to church with our parents we are taken for granted everything they do .suddenly we confronted with new policies , new religions, and then we don’t know where we are standing. So it is a sort of identity crisis we are facing with. That is why at some point you have to reason with your faith.

Recently i have read somewhere that ‘Unintelligible faith cannot create passion. People who believes in whatever the church believes and whatever the bible says. But we, Christians, who go to church regularly, put money in the basket regularly, but without any passion for the faith. They don’t feel religion because all they have is belief and not necessarily faith. Belief becomes faith when you have reason with it. If the faith doesn’t make sense to you, it will not create passion in you.

Do we fight against of flee from !!

Faith Seeking Understanding —


It is a fact that fighting against all kind of weakness is not good because it goes deeper into our subconscious. So bible tells about certain things to flee from rather than fight against. In practical terms sometimes it means to ignore some weakness as a trivial issue .In my early period of my spiritual journey  even i don’t know when and where some of my addictions and weakness stripped off me .How i won! I am sure by simply ignoring it. only light can deal with darkness, so our job is to walk towards the light. Darkness turn back to just be a shadow. Prayer will strengthen you and weaken you weaknesses.

If i can give you another practical advice on dealing with our weakness from my experience is by express it openly by praying…

If you are more aware of your weakness there is less chances of falling prey to that weakness. So by simply praying in the early morning  about all the negative aspects of you life, say, if you have a weakness of thinking too much on unwanted things. You can include praying like..God, help me.. today not to waste time on thinking too much…so by simply praying and expressing our weaknesses, our mind is more mindful of that matter increasing our awareness of safeguarding ourselves against it. So I suggest , everybody have their own personalized prayer of early morning  and be frank to express our weaknesses which would help recapturing our focus and presence of mind.

Why do i believe in religion?

Faith Seeking Understanding —

Many people would say: religion basically involve both assumption and faith and then why do i believe in religion.

Then what about science?

Charles tone who invented lazer and he got Nobel prize in 1964. One article published on March 10th 2005 in “Toronto star” in which he says: “Many people don’t realize that science basically involve both assumption and faith. Wonderful things in both religion and science come from our efforts based on observation, thoughtful assumption, faith and logic. Without faith science cannot exist.”

I feel  so sorry when people don’t recognize that. In times  magazine, latest edition published an article titling “spiritual journey – Albert and religion. It is very interesting you should read that article his comments upon jesus, bible etc. I just want to quote a couple of quotation from there.

This is what Einstein says: “ try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will find that, behind all the descernible laws and connections, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion. To that extent I am, in fact, religious.”.

Another quotation says:   there are people who say there is no god, he says to a friend, but what makes me angry is that they really quote me in support of such view, what separates me from a so-called atheist is a feeling of utter humility towards unattainable harmony of this cosmos. So it is such a cliché for people to say that: i am a man of reason, i don’t believe in god or i am a scientist i don’t believe in religion, it is all outdated.

But you will never ever say that if you are a true scientist. So science has something to do with faith and faith has something do to with science.

What makes the difference between ‘knowing to love’ & ‘loving to know’ In Christian life.

Faith Seeking Understanding —

St.paul always uses marriage as an analogy in our relationship with Jesus.  St.pauI says in one of his letters: “i am taking you as a pure virgin. I am betrothing you with Christ”. You are not saying, by the way, that i want to know who Christ is, and then only i marry him. No, you have to love Christ no matter what happens, then you will start knowing him. Christianity is such a romantic religion that is why bible talks about the relationship between god and man in terms of husband and wife. It is almost an offending blasphemy in other religious terms.

Once i was interviewing two couples, one of the couples who had been married for forty years said to me this: “i had been married to this person for forty years and i don’t know her yet. It is as if i am waking up with a new person every single day.” Awa! That is a profound statement pointing to some philosophical truth. I have been married for the last 8or 9 years. I believe i don’t know her yet and she doesn’t know me too because we are very complex individuals. So if you are waiting till you know the person to love the person that is never going to happen. But the easy thing is you start loving the person and then you start knowing the person.

One of the famous prayers comes from my favourite theologian, St. Ansam. It goes like this: “Lord i don’t seek for understanding in order to have faith; but i seek for faith in order to have understanding.” This is the basic point of harmony between faith and reason in Christian life. People often say: if u proves me if there is a god, then i will believe. But that is not going to happen. But if you are willing to believe, and if you are going to take the first step, god is going to reveal himself to you. You are going to discover the mysteries in a very reasonable fashion.

Faith looks beyond what is and sees what is to be?

Faith Seeking Understanding —

“Faith is the ability to look at things what is and see what is to be”

A scripture from the bible will illustrate this point very clearly. It is from  John 1:42(nasb). This is the way it is written: “ he brought him to Jesus and jesus looked at him and said, “ you are Simon, son of john,  you shall be called cephas which is translated peter which means rock. Imagine the picture Jesus is looking at a person and he is a fisherman dressed in a rugged, smelly fellow probably coming straight from fishing. He doesn’t look anything like a handsome young man or a leader which is capable of anything after all he is illiterate and we know he is impatient, hard-tempered. To whom Jesus looked and says, you are Simon and told him you are going to be peter which means “the rock” . Here Jesus is looking at what is , which is Simon and he is seeing what is to be which is peter. Jesus is not looking at a fisherman but he is seeing a fisher of men. He is seeing a leader who is going to lead the most radical movement in world history which later came to be known as ‘Christianity’ and peter was the leader of this movement to whom Jesus gave the responsibility. By the end of his life, Jesus called peter and said, ’ tend my sheep’

So faith is the same ability which god gives us and that is the ability by which Jesus looked at simon, what  he is and saw ‘peter’ what is to be.